Comment 19, 5/9/2009

We hired an entertainer through Parties By Stacey for my son’s 3rd birthday, and he was FANTASTIC! Many of the parents told me he was the best children’s entertainer they’ve seen. He was very funny, energetic and great with the kids. He knew how to gently include a couple of kids who weren’t ready to jump into the activity with the others.

The process of setting up the entertainment was easy and Stacey is very friendly and helpful. My son wanted a batman, but was afraid of the full-on masked one, so Stacey helped me find the perfect guy in her long list of characters who looked like batman, but was smaller in stature and didn’t have the big mask with the pointy ears. I was very happy and my son was too!

I recommend this company to anyone looking for help with their next kids’ party.

Caroline D. (as posted on Peachhead Yahoo groups)

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