Comment 226, 6/17/2006

Hey Stacey,
Just to let you know…Jon was absolutely amazing as Indiana Jones. The best. He kept around 25 kids completely entranced and on task the whole time he was here. He also kept Devin as he center of the activities and Devin had a great time. It was a big group with some older kids that came uninvited and he really handled them well. Personally I wanted to make them sit with their mom the whole time, but I could never find her when I needed her!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that he really did go above and beyond and we really appreciate it! It was definitely the best party we have ever had because of his amazing energy! He did a fantastic job and I wanted to ask you if you could have him email my husband his head shot. They spoke and my husband, who is a director, thought he could find a way use him on one of his upcoming commercials.

Devin wants a Rock Star birthday party next year. We will do it on Saturday June 23rd or Sunday the 24th, but I’ll let you know when it gets closer! Is a year enough advance notice???

Thanks Again,
Tamara S.

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