Comment 26, 4/12/2009

We just wanted to thank you guys for making our Easter so special. For the last year our daughter has been obsessed with Disneyland. (We make it down there a couple times a week) She gets so excited to see the characters but for a child with Autism waiting in line for 20 minutes seems like an eternity! When it’s finally our turn I have to end up prying my daughter off the characters so the rest of the people in line can have a turn. This last winter she began asking for the Easter Bunny. Everyday she would say "I want to go see the Easter Bunny!" We felt so bad that we couldn’t take her to see one. This Easter she opened up the door and there was the Easter Bunny (Adam), at her house! She was so happy and the best part was she had the Easter Bunny all to herself, she didn’t have to share! We can’t thank you guys enough for making this Easter the best one yet!

Ru A.

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