Comment 263, 10/29/2005

Just wanted to thank you, Beth and the rest of your team for ensuring that my daughter Claire’s 7th Birthday party was the party of her dreams. (mine too!) You and the ladies far exceeded my expectations for coordinating the party. Nowadays children’s birthday parties are anything but what they were like when I was a child. (I may really be dating myself) Back then the big activities were playing musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and breaking the pinata. Parents and children all had a fabulous time. People are still calling/emailing me to rave about what a super party it was. Thank you, thank you so much for putting on a tea party that Claire, her sister and friends will always remember. I hope you guys are still around when Ellie turns 7 so she can have her turn as well!

Take care and thanks again!
Scarlette C. (Tea party)

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