Comment 275, 7/21/2005

Stacey, I just wanted to thank you for hosting both of my daughter’s birthday parties. As usual the 35-40 unexpected toddlers were at their most chaotic but they loved every minute of their time at Anais’ party with Princess Ariel and Prince Eric. The teachers told me later that each and every child had given their parents rave reviews of the great time they had with a real live *Mermaid and her dashing Prince.

Several of them asked when Anais’ birthday would happen again and all the teachers raved about how beautiful Ariel was. We’ve just finished with Margaux’s party a week later and again the same 35-40 toddlers showed up. When Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip arrived the children were mesmerized and captivated. I was stunned at how quiet they became when Aurora sang and how fascinated the boys were when Phillip showed them his *Sword of Justice and told stories about slaying and capturing dragons. Their control over the kids were absolutely amazing. This was the second time Margaux had Sleeping Beauty host her birthday but with Phillip there she was overwhelmed with joy.

I don’t know how we can top this in the future but I do know I’ll be calling you again year after year. Thank you so much and Please thank both the Princesses and Princes who made my girls’ parties so extra special.

-Janice B.

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