Comment 63, 7/19/2008

Hello, I just wanted to share my feedback with you. On Saturday the 19th I had one of your performer’s
come ,she was a clown first and then the red tickle monster. The performer’s name was Susan. First of all she called to confirm and get all the details which I really appreciated then the day of the party she was on time, which was great!

She did an excellent job with the preschoolers although they got a bit bored with the clown , when she noticed this ,she engaged into another activity, she was real funny talking to Elmo on the phone as she was about to make the transition from clown to Elmo. The kids went crazy over Elmo!. Thank you for a great time I will use your performers again and I will recommend you. I am having another graduation party again next year and the year after that so we will be in touch Thank you again

Warm Regards, Isela E.

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