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Saturday was CRAZY, but I’m glad everything worked out. I hope the entertainer was still able to manage her schedule. She was great. Milan REALLY liked what she did and all the girls had a lot of fun.

Thanks, once again for making our party a success. Love, serenity & endless joy…
Alicia Renee

July 30, 2005

Stacey, I just wanted to thank you for hosting both of my daughter’s birthday parties. As usual the 35-40 unexpected toddlers were at their most chaotic but they loved every minute of their time at Anais’ party with Princess Ariel and Prince Eric. The teachers told me later that each and every child had given their parents rave reviews of the great time they had with a real live *Mermaid and her dashing Prince.

Several of them asked when Anais’ birthday would happen again and all the teachers raved about how beautiful Ariel was. We’ve just finished with Margaux’s party a week later and again the same 35-40 toddlers showed up. When Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip arrived the children were mesmerized and captivated. I was stunned at how quiet they became when Aurora sang and how fascinated the boys were when Phillip showed them his *Sword of Justice and told stories about slaying and capturing dragons. Their control over the kids were absolutely amazing. This was the second time Margaux had Sleeping Beauty host her birthday but with Phillip there she was overwhelmed with joy.

I don’t know how we can top this in the future but I do know I’ll be calling you again year after year. Thank you so much and Please thank both the Princesses and Princes who made my girls’ parties so extra special.

-Janice B.

July 21, 2005

(wrote when booking party for son for July ’05)…had Snow White for our daughter…WE LOVED HER – She was the best snow (Lauren) we have ever seen…maybe even better than the D land one

Melissa C. MOMS Club CO President -Valencia-West

July 4, 2005

Hi Stacey, Snow White (Lauren) was wonderful, she is very sweet. The kids had a really good time playing with her. Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

June 25, 2005

Hello Stacey, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and particularly the puppet guy, Scott, for the wonderful puppet show entertainment at my daughter’s 4-year birthday party this last weekend. I’ve gotten many compliments from the adults on the party and specifically on the quality and uniqueness of the puppet show. Most important, Scott was really great with the kids and everyone had fun. I highly recommend Scott to anyone planning a kids event. Thanks again, and please forward this note of appreciation to Scott.

Denise K.

June 25, 2005

Hi Stacey, I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing Elmo (Henry) was…He definitely made the party! I was a little worried that Marin and the others may be afraid of him but that was not the case. She and the others could not get enough of him. She spent most of the hour in his lap and was just staring at him in amazement. It was so much fun to watch the little ones flock around him. I think some of the older kids even tried to follow him out to his car. My only regret came after reviewing all of our pictures. I was hoping to have a picture to frame of Marin and her idol Elmo. Unfortunately of all of the photos that we took we didn’t end up with a single picture of Marin alone with Elmo. It was impossible to keep the other kids away! I may have to re-book him for a photo shoot!

Thanks again!

June 25, 2005

Hi Stacey. Thank you so much for yesterday! The party was a complete success! Scott (Raphael) was wonderful! The children all loved him. Despite the hot weather, he remained very enthusiastic and in full character with all of his jokes, music, etc. Thank you for making Seth’s party such a memorable 5th birthday for him. I am looking forward to Hunter’s party. I am sure it will be as wonderful as Seth’s.

Sincerely, Dina

June 18, 2005

Hi Stacey, I cannot believe how much fun everyone had at our daughter’s first birthday (adults and kids). The Mulan entertainer that arrived singing to Nicole "Who is that girl I see, standing there in front of me" was amazing. She worked so well with every single age group. Even managed to pull our hectic party into an organized outting. I don’t know what we would’ve done with out her. Pictures coming soon. We’ll be booking all our party entertainment with you.

Take care!
-Gen Y.

June 12, 2005

Hi Stacey, I just received your email this morning. Thank You, for your help in making my daughters birthday a great success. Lori and Kimberly were wonderful, Absolutely perfect!!!!!! Thank You so much.

Have A Great Day,
Vicky D.

June 4, 2005

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