Comment 143, 6/9/2007

We hired Marilyn to sing Happy Birthday to my brother for his 60th birthday. I found her to be professional right from the moment I met her at the hotel lobby. Of course the moment people saw her they came running up Oh! Marilyn, Marilyn. One women asked to take a picture with her and Marilyn turned to me and asked for permission. Which I granted, but then wisked her off upstairs for the party before we were bombarded with people. She was the hit of the party. When she arrived looking for the George the birthday man, of course, every man’s name became "George". But she found the right one. He just loved her, he was really pleased that I did this for him. She stayed in her Marylin role throughout the entire event and everyone commented on how good she was. All in all it was a great sucess.

Sandra S.

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