Comment 201, 10/14/2006

Dear Stacey,
What a wonderful, fantastic, stupendous birthday party we had – thanks to you and the incredible Spiderman that you sent to Jackson’s party! He was charming, funny, patient, kind, and talented! He did back flips for all the kids and lots of fun games. He even did magic tricks and balloon animals. The younger party guests were enchanted with him (the six-year-olds like Jackson) and the older guests (the nine-year-old playmates for my nine-year-old daughter) were captivated by him. One first-grade-age partygoer asked him – "Do you do bar mitzahs?" He was polite and humble to the adults, and everyone, from the littlest baby to Jackson’s grandmother – was absolutely delighted to have him there! Thank you thank you thank you thank you for making Jackson’s birthday party so spectacular!!!

Cari J. L.

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