Balloon Twisters

Balloon twisters are a wonderful choice for all types of events, either alone or paired with  face painting.  Choose from a basic balloon clown who can quickly twist balloon creations of 1-3 balloons each, or a skilled deluxe balloon artist who can twist extravagant creations given the time.   

See below the photos for some recent feedback on a party from one of our ‘deluxe’ twisters to give you an idea of what you can expect: 

Thank you for having me here today. The gig went well. Really well!

As I was setting up, Dad asked for a Birthday crown for True and I did a really nice Prince crown for him in light and dark  blue, with Gold accents and Filigree insets and pearl highlights. I asked them doing if weapons were okay, (Swords, knives and martial art stuff as I personally do not do balloon guns) Melissa said yes, but I only got 4 requests for  swords. I did my version of the Sarizan sword from ‘Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves’. The other three wanted the same version, but in different colors.

Lots of kooky ocean requests though, Lobsters, Crabs, Sharks, Octopi and Mermaids – evidently all the kids invited were in True’s class in school and they were in a play together recently.  Every one had a ocean creature part, so I got lots of lots of requests for  those. Then there were some of the usual requests- Dogs, Cats Princess wands, Princesses, and  though I did some headbands I made in the slow times for ‘inventory’  but they were not nearly as popular as the Princesses. Even some of the boys were asking for them. 

I always have a lot of fun with the kids at these parties, I had them sit is a semi circle as I made their balloons and they watched as I put them together. I had Helpers hold balloons and hand them to me-I have the person who’s balloon I am doing act as my Lovely or Handsome assistant so they get to be involved- they were the best behaved little ones-  but wow, the adults were just as much fun. Michael and Melissa were the best party hosts I have seen in a very long time-Wonderful people.

 I did get lots of requests for business cards and I handed out 8 or 10. I had about 15 of yours left over from the last gig I did with you, and Melissa asked for some to give to out too, lots of people interested in your party service. I left all I had with her.  I’ll need some more, can you send me some? Or if  you are going to be at one of the local jams anytime soon, I can pick them up from you then.  

Hang on to them as clients! Anytime I can help you out for them I am in.

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