Glamour & Spa Parties

Our glamour party is recommended for parties of all girls ages 4 and up. A glamorous princess or other character of your choice (mermaid, Barbie, funky fun princess, etc.) does the girls nails and and make-up. Goody bags include a necklace, bracelet, mirror, comb, and hair accessory. At the end she helps the children put on a little fashion show wearing fabulous feather boas. The parents are more than welcome to watch! Also, if there is time the performer can do a couple dancing games, glamorous balloons and sing Happy Birthday when you present your cake. This is an hour and a half party. However you are more than welcome to keep the performer an extra half an hour for a small additional charge if you want to add on to your party with dress-up or our tea set.

Our Spa party comes with 1 party hostess for up to 10 girls and lasts 90 minutes. The party includes:  3 stations:  foot bath with lite pedicure & manicure; decorating bath salt jar; making homemade bath salts.  Girls are given numbers for their mani/pedi while they wait their turns they decorate jars and make their bath salts to take home.  The Birthday girl goes 1st for her mani/pedi; while her feet are soaking, her nails are painted, then lotion applied on arms and legs, then polish applied to toes. Our entertainer chats and plays word games with girls to keep it fun.  If time permits we can add dancing games (freeze dance, limbo) and/or balloon animals or other requested activity (such as helping to present your cake)

Requirements: large table, nearby access to an electrical outlet and fresh water; clean towels

We can accommodate up to 24 girls at either of these parties by adding a 2nd party hostess.

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