Magic Shows

Here are just a few of the wonderful magicians we have the pleasure of working with: 

Great Scott!
Scott delivers a fun interactive magic show for ages 3 – 8; adults and children will delight in his unique storytelling style of magic. Show can be followed by games, face painting or balloons depending on the number of children and how long he is booked for. Click for video

Presenting the Magic of Chuck G.!
Chuck G. is a repeat performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood . Chuck offers a high energy, comedy magic show that has lots of audience participation (because nobody just wants to watch the magic; they want to be part of the show) Chuck also makes sure that the guest of honor helps out with a lot of the tricks; whether it’s pulling a coin from out of thin air or helping produce a real live bunny: the guest of honor will feel like the star of the show. He will also customize his shows to fit your needs; and remember Chuck offers a variety of characters as well; so whether you’re looking for that Harry Potter wizard (complete with British accent), colorful court jester or just the classic tuxedo wearing conjurer, Chuck G is the magician for you! Click for video

Sam Shazam!
Invite Sam Shazam to your next party and delight your guests with his special brand of comedy and magic. His high energy comedy magic show is enjoyed by “children of all ages”! There’s lots of fun, laughter and audience participation with special attention to the birthday child. This magic show is 30-40 minutes in length and may be followed by balloon sculpturing, facepainting or games!
(Activities depend on length of show and number of kids).

Kimberly’s Magic Entertainment!
Kimberly delivers great family entertainment for birthdays, schools, holidays, company picnics, or wherever there are children!
Here are a few of her astonishing routines:
Three ordinary scarves are examined by the audience, then magically knot together inside a see-thru tube!
The white dots on a “domino” card repeatedly appear and disappear right in front of your very eyes!
Audience members create a drawing which Kimberly has predicted and sealed inside an envelope… How’d she do that!?!

Kimberly also offers an amazing Harry Potter themed magic show wearing a black velvet ‘sorting hat’, and a beautiful purple velvet witch/wizard robe; after the themed show and balloons the children can also attend “wizard class” and learn some tricks of their own and ‘graduate’ then take home a certificate to show off! 

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